DIS manufactures polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) which is typically used in applications looking for higher fire ratings, enhanced temperature controlled applications and controlled environmental projects.


PIR offers enhanced R values ranging from 2.2 to 8.0 m2/Kw.


Features include :

  • Meeting Certified Insurance standards of Factory Mutual Global

  • High thermal performance 

  • Energy saving

  • Fire safe

  • Hygienic and fibre free

Product Options

Available sheet thicknesses


PIR is made in block thicknesses nominally 600mm + 1000mm high.  Any sheet thickness required can be cut from these blocks from 15mm through to 1000mm.

Block sizes manufactured


PIR is made in block sizes of nominally 2500mm x 1200mm.

Range of formats

PIR is available in a range of formats as it is cut from a block using a computer controlled abrasive wire cutting unit.


Typical formats are :


  • sheets of any nominated thickness

  • pipe sections in 1200mm lengths cut to order in a range of formats depending on internal / external diameters required


  • tapered sheets to suit specific building applications


  • specific formats on a cut-to-size basis


  • available to order with aluminium FOIL FACING either single or double sided

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